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George and Katie's culinary journeys started in very different ways. For George, it was his grandmother's cooking. He learned at a young age that cooking for others was an expression of love. For Katie, it was her mother's way of keeping her busy in the summers and teaching her the importance of following directions. She also knew that having something to show for Katie's work in a relatively short time was important for her.

It was these beginnings that got them started in the industry. George worked for Master Chef Victor Gieliese, a disciplined, hard-nosed German chef who showed him a culinary world he knew nothing about, and Katie yearned to learn more that small town restaurants couldn't teach her. They both headed north to The Culinary Institute of America, where they learned the fine art of cooking, met each other, graduated, and then entered the wider world together.

After earning their chops at restaurants like The Mansion on Turtle Creek, The Crescent Court Hotel, Baby Routh and 1717. In 1999 they decided to chase the dream of owning their own business and started GEORGE Catering and then later, GEORGE Restaurant, which would be their devotion and way of life for 12 successful years.

Then came kids (TRIPLETS!) and everything changed. They decided to pursue a more balanced life, take a few years to slow down and figure out what they wanted to do and where they wanted to do it. Now they are on 10 acres of land in Lucas, Texas... 25 miles north of Dallas and a squeak east of Allen, living with their 3 kids and more than 40 farm animals! They love being closer to the land that their food comes from and getting to know farmers, ranchers and like-minded chefs in the area. With Experimental Table, they bring all that goodness to you, no matter where you are. This is their experiment with food, simplicity, love and life.